Accepted Papers List

ID Title  
11 Joint Extraction of Entities and Relations Based on Multi-Label Classification
20 Differentially Private Convolutional Neural Networks with Adaptive Gradient Descent
27 Learning Non-Stationary Dynamic Bayesian Network Structure from Data Stream
29 HDGS: A Hybrid Dialogue Generation System using Adversarial Learning
34 An Improved Feature Fusion for Speaker Recognition
36 A Fast Network Embedding Approach with Preserving Hierarchical Proximities
38 Design of High Performance Convolutional Neural Network for Lightweight Platform
49 Research on data caching method of gradient consistent hash
50 Text Sentiment Analysis based on Parallel Recursive Constituency Tree-LSTM
51 The Improved Model for Anomaly Detection based on Clustering and Dividing of Flow
54 Research of Trojan attack effect evaluation based on FAHP
60 Logic-based Online Complex Event Rule Learning with Weight Learning
64 Knowledge Fusion: Introduction of Concepts and Techniques
67 Meta-Path based Text Feature Enrichment Using Knowledge Graph
71 Cross-domain User Profile Construction by Log Analysis
73 Multi-source Knowledge Fusion: A Survey
78 RnnTd: An Approach based on LSTM and Tensor Decomposition for Classification of Crimes in Legal Cases
88 Negotiation Game Model for Big Data Transactions
98 Cryptanalysis and Improvement of a Remote Anonymous Authentication Protocol for Mobile Multi-server Environments
100 AutoDE: Automated Vulnerability Discovery and Exploitation
104 Attentive Context-aware Music Recommendation
109 Joint Embedding of Emoticons and Labels Based on CNN for Microblog Sentiment Analysis
110 Privacy-Preserving Location-Based Query over Encrypted Data in Outsourced Environment
118 Visualization of the Non-dominated Solutions in Many-objective Optimization
121 A Multi-Objective Examples Generation Approach to Fool the Deep Neural Networks in the Black-box Scenario
136 Deep Learning Based Scene Text Reading for Cloud Audit Information Extraction
147 Construction of Situation Assessment Indicator System Based on latitude and longitude lines of Information Security
170 Toward Dynamic Computation Offloading for Data Processing in Vehicular Fog based F-RAN
176 The Nearest Neighbor Classifiers for Time Series with Complex Shape Features
183 Yun: A High-performance Container Management Service Based on OpenStack
185 Influence Maximization on Large-scale Networks with a Group-based Method via Network Embedding
188 SMAM: Detecting Rumors from Microblogs with Stance Mining Assisting Task
195 Topic Model-based Recommender System for Long-tailed Products against Popularity Bias
205 An Unsupervised Approach of Truth Discovery From Multi-Sourced Text Data
206 Semi-Random Forest based on Representative Patterns for Noisy and Non-stationary Data Stream
207 Rebalancing the Car Sharing System A Reinforcement Learning Method
210 A Standardized Aerosol Repository System for Knowledge Services and Crowdsourcing
223 FS-Net: Medical image denoising via local receptive ?eld smoothing network
228 Multi-node Mode Decomposition Based Deep Learning Model for Road Section Traffic Prediction
240 Tracing Android Kernel Codes at Early Stage without Extra Hardware Components
253 Identifying Influential Nodes with A Community Structure Measure