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  Guilin, referred to as "guangxi, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, prefecture level, provincial deputy center city, is the world famous scenic city, wisdom shrine in early ten thousand, the national important high-tech industry base, the old industrial base in China, is approved by the State Council of China's opening up to the international tourism city, national tourism area in innovation development and international tourism comprehensive transportation hub, as of 2019, The city has jurisdiction over 6 districts and 10 counties, and administers 1 county-level city, with a total area of 27,800 square kilometers and a built-up area of 162 square kilometers. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Guilin is 4,931,137 million. In 2020, The GDP of Guilin reached 213.041 billion yuan.

  Located at the southern end of Hunan-Guangxi Corridor in southern China, Guilin is the resident of the Central Military Commission Guilin Joint Logistic Support Center, the Innovation Demonstration zone of the National Sustainable Development Agenda, the vane of China's tourism industry, and the permanent venue of the UnWTO/ATTA International Forum on Tourism Trends and Prospects. As an important node city at the strategic intersection of pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Zone and ASEAN Free Trade Area, it is an international tourist resort dominated by new industries.

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Please see Guilin Tourism Bureau for detailed guide.

Places of Interest

Yangshuo west street

The li river
Yulong River
Xingping ancient town
Ten miles Gallery