Paper List

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1 CareDedup: Cache-aware Deduplication for Reading Performance Optimization in Primary Storage
2 A Measurement Study on Mainline DHT and Magnet Link
5 The prediction of user topic interest based on tags and interaction of users
6 Probabilistic Extreme Learning Machine for Classification with uncertain data
7 Social Recommendation with Tag Side Information
8 Chinese Article Classification Oriented to Social Network Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
10 Predicate-Oriented Query of RDF Data Based on A Distributed Storage Model
15 LinkSHRINK´╝Ü Overlapping Community Detection with Link-Graph
16 Finding Experts in Community Question Answering Based on Topic-Sensitive Link Analysis
20 Link Prediction-based Multi-label Classification on Networked Data
23 BPPGD: Budgeted Parallel Primal grAdient desCent Kernel SVM on Spark
32 Parallelization of Latent Group Model for Group Recommendation Algorithm
34 LSTM-based Deep Learning Models for Answer Ranking
37 A Hybrid Document Feature Extraction Method Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Word2Vec
41 A Dual Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme Among Weighted Participants of Special Access Right
42 Equalized Interval Centroid Based Watermarking Scheme for Stepping Stone Traceback
43 A Topic Model for hierarchical documents
45 Integrating relationships and attributes: A model of multilayer networks
49 Cognitive Detection of Multiple Discrete Emotions from Chinese Online Reviews
57 Constructions of uniquely 3-colorable graphs
58 Structral Vulnerability Analysis in Complex Networks Based on Core Theory
61 Exploring New Cryptographical Construction Of Complex Network Data
97 The Similarity Analysis of Malicious Software
99 Uncovering and Characterizing Internet Water Army in Online Forums
100 Frequent Pattern Mining based on Approximate Edit Distance Matrix
111 FTM: Recommending the Right Items for User Temporal Interests with Matrix Factorization through Topic Model
118 Clustering Product Features of Online Reviews Based on Nonnegative Matrix Tri-factorizations
121 A New Scheme Based on HSSL for Solving the Stochastic Point Location Problem
125 A General Strategy for Solving the Stochastic Point Location Problem by Utilizing the Correlation of Three Adjacent Nodes
133 Fingerprinting Web Browser for Tracing Anonymous Web Attackers
137 On Adjacent Vertex-Distinguishing Total Chromatic Number of Generalized Petersen Graphs
143 Using Structural Features to Characterize Social Ties
145 A Framework of Privacy Decision Recommendation for Image Sharing in Online Social Networks
156 Mining Individual Mobility Patterns Based on Location History
157 Influence Maximization in Social Networks Based on Non-backtracking Random Walk
158 On Improving a Microblog Ranking
161 Max-Flow Rate Priority Algorithm for Evacuation Route Planning
169 Role and Time-based Access Control with Efficient Revocation for Cloud Storage