IEEE DSC 2016 Workshop on Social Media Processing (SMP)


  With the blessing of information technology, we are living in an increasingly networked world. People, information and other entities are connected via World Wide Web, email networks, instant messaging networks, mobile communication networks, online social networks, etc. These online networks grow fast and possess huge amount of recorded information, which presents great opportunities in understanding the science of these networks, and in developing new applications for these networks. However, new challenges have to be met --- the networks are huge and information is noisy, and they demand new methodologies in analyzing these networks, and in developing theories and applications for the networks.
  The goal of the special issue is to provide a forum for presenting the most recent advances in data mining/machine learning on social media processing, related to Web search and information retrieval, Web mining, social network analysis, semantic Web, natural language processing/text mining, and computational advertising. We are particularly interested in articles that address how to handle crisis and disaster situations through the help of social Web and mining.


  Suggested topics include but are not restricted to:

1. Social content processing
2. Social network analysis and complex systems
3. Community discovery and analysis in large scale online and offline social networks
4. Personalization for search and social interaction
5. Recommendations for product purchase and establishment of social relations
6. Misbehavior detection in communities
7. Web mining algorithms for clickstreams
8. Text Mining in documents and search streams
9. Link prediction and recommendation
10. Social media and network visualization
11. Evolution of communities in the Web
12. Dynamics and evolution patterns of social networks, trend prediction
13. Ads in social networks and viral marketing
14. Multi-agent based social network modeling and analysis
15. Application of social network analysis
16. Role identification and relation analysis in social network
17. Collective social network integration and analysis


  Please directly send your manuscript to <jietang [at]>.
  Submission needs to follow the conference paper template and page length limitation.
  Each paper will be peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers.


  Full paper due: March 5, 2016
  Acceptance notification: April 15, 2016
  Camera-ready copy: April 23, 2016
  Conference Date: June 13, 2016




Jie Tang Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Michalis Vazirgiannis Ecole Polytechnique, France