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   Guangzhou has more than 11 million inhabitants spreading over an area of 7.434 square kilometers. It is the provincial capital of Guangdong province and an important trading center located just 125 kilometers northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River. It is well known that the spoken language in Guangzhou is Cantonese. The most common difference between the Cantonese and Mandarin is its tones. While Mandarin consists of four tones, Cantonese uses nine tones to make themselves clear. Cantonese is the most common dialect used by emigrated overseas Chinese because Guangzhou was overcrowded for a long time ago. As a result, many people from this region emigrated to foreign continents.

   Those who will visit this dynamic city for the first time will directly notice its speed of business, the exploding crowdedness and sense for natural beauty with ever-green scenery and flowers blooming all the year round. But just don't get scared because of all the high-rise buildings. It all may look a bit overwhelming but in the end the city shows a more personable and gentler side that anyone definitely will like.

   Today, Guangzhou is recognized as China's most prosperous, liberal and cosmopolitan city. Foreigners are not a strange visual sight here. Unlike in any other cities where foreigners do get some public attention, people from Guangzhou just treat them as one of their own. This is because Guangzhou has been a major entry point for overseas culture for many centuries.

   There are various places within easy reach of Guangzhou that would make worthwhile trip destinations and could be visited easily within a day. Take a look at the Guangxiao temple and experience Guangzhou's oldest site or walk besides the canals and peach orchards nearby Xinjiao Town. If you are fed up with Guangzhou and you feel like to visit Asia's world city Hong Kong then that's just a matter of three hours' traveling.

Travel Information

Participants can first fly to Guangzhou-Baiyun International Airport.

Please see wikiTravel and TripAdvisor for detailed guide.

Places of Interest

Yuexiu Mountain

Chimelong Safari Park
Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

(Folk Craft Museum)
Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall
Liurong Temple