Industrial Track

Title: AI Assisted BigData Platform to Construct Advanced Threat Detection and Response System

     8:30-09:15, Thursday, June 21, 2018

Speaker: Bo Liu, DBAPPSecurity, China

Abstract: Cybersecurity threats are increasingly sophisticated and causing severe damage to critical infrastructure. Existing security tools typically only provide one facet of limited info, and it is incredibly time-consuming or impossible to piece together big data from multiple sources to investigate the real impact across an enterprise or a region. The network world generates a large volume of streaming security data that is unprecedented. How to leverage big data, machine learning and correlation analysis to identify real and pressing cyber threats is a challenging problem. We will share our research project of building an efficient data platform to analyze petabytes of security data. Our platform enabled us to implement complicated and advanced security algorithms on top of data over long period of time. With our intelligent data platform, we not only need to identify potential or ongoing security threats, but also need to resolve the kill chain, trace the origin of the attack, correlate with other information, link to the physical world and identify the true attackers behind the network. Here we want to share our real experience of building data platform, designing algorithms, and integrating and correlating dozens of data sources to help us accurately and efficiently identify and block cybersecurity attacks.

Short Bio: Bo Liu is the Chief Scientist of DBAPPSecurity of China. Bo’s current research focuses on using big-data and machine learning technologies to analyze multi-source heterogenous data to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats. Before coming back to China, Bo was an Engineering Manager at Square, leading a team to build data tools, pipelines, machine learning platform. Before Square, Bo was the major Research Scientist at Facebook working on distributed machine learning platform. Bo earned his PHD in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park. Bo has published 14 papers with ~4000 international citations.

Title: Cyber Range-based Talent Training Platform

     09:15-10:00, Thursday, June 21, 2018

Speaker: Huanying Liu, Heetian Information Technology Co., Ltd., China

Abstract: Unlike traditional talent training, cyber security talent training has special requirements such as its high skill features and training sensitivity. The complex and large-scale virtual environments provided by the cyber range provides critical infrastructure support for the cyber security training. Heetian company, which bases the cyber range, proposes a three-phase model of cyber security training, and forms three major platforms for skills training, comprehensive drills, competition and talent selection. It has achieved very good results in China.

Short Bio: Vice President of Heetian company, committed to the talent training based on the cyber range, advocate of MOOE(Massive Open Online Experiments )model.