Final Paper Submission

The final paper submission is open. Below are some step-by-step instructions for you to use the final submission site.

Create Account on the Final Submission Site
  • The URL of the final submission site has been sent through email. If you did not receive the email, please contact .
  • The authors should create account by a valid email address.
  • One author of a paper should create acount on the final submission site.
  • The submission procedures of a single paper will be done by a single account.
  • Arbitrary number of manuscripts can be submitted via one account.

Preparation and Submission Information
  • Please read the instruction carefully to know the submission procedures .
  • Please complete your final submission before May 17th, 2018, although the site indicates the deadline will be May 31st, 2018. We will begin to check the format and other potential problems after May 16th, 2018. If any problems are found in a paper, we will contact the authors for the modification. If a paper was found not meeting the requirement of IEEE Xplore after May 31st, 2018, it would be removed from the proceedings without any room for discussion or negotiation.
  • Press "Next" to begin the submission procedure!

Copyright Release
  • Type in the SAME title in "Paper Title" as in the CMT3 registration.
  • Type in ALL the authors names in "Author Full Name" which shoule be EXACTLY THE SAME as in your paper (seperated by comma).
  • Type in ONE email address in "Author E-mail" to receive the Copyright receipt.
  • Press "Submit Copyright" button to go to the eCF system and complete the copyright release form.
  • After you have completed the copyright release form, please go back to the final submission site. eCF will send you a copy of the Copyright receipt in a short time. You don't have to wait it.
  • Press "Next" to finish the copyright release procedure!

Paper Details
  • Type in the paper details in the form. Please make sure the filled information here should be exactly the same as in your paper and in the CMT3 registration.
  • Please use the ID in CMT3 (also can be found in the email).
  • The submitter MUST be one of the author, or the submission cannot be verified and will be removed.
  • It is OK if you do not list keywords in your paper. However, you should summarize some keywords and fill in the blank. Any relative keywords are acceptable.

Add Authors
  • Please make sure that every author of your paper is added.
  • Please make sure the information is correct.
  • If you do not know the ORCID of a co-author, please leave it blank.
  • Press "Next" to finish the author adding procedure!

Final Paper PDF File Submission
  • Please make sure that the submitted PDF has been transformed by PDF eXpress.
  • Please make sure all the headers, footers and page numbers have been removed (footnotes are acceptable).
  • Please make sure your submission contains within 8 pages.
  • Press "Submit" to finish the final paper submission!

Add or Replace Any Information
After you submitted the PDF, the final submission procedures would be completed. The system will send you an automatic email soon, providing an address for you to add or replace information for your submission. Note that the Copyright information would not display, and you can't modify it either. Please complete the registration and the final submission by May 16th, 2018.